Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rate my riding ability?
When selecting your riding vacation, please keep in mind your riding ability and make sure to be truthful about your experience level. This information helps the local destinations match you with the appropriate horse for your vacation and helps match you with the appropriate trip.

Below are some definitions to help you rate your ability.
Beginner or Novice: This includes those who are learning to ride and those with limited riding experience.
Intermeditate: Confident and in control on a forward going horse at a steady canter in the open over even ground.
Experienced: Confident and in control on a forward going horse at a fast canter in the open over rough and variable ground. There are likely to be long stretchs of fast riding and/or you will be riding in areas with potentially dangerous game.

Why Find an Equestrian Vacation on
Customer Service
Equitrekking Travel works with an award winning preferred provider of travel services, In the Saddle, to help you to fulfill your horse riding vacation dreams with ease. You can book your horse vacations through these fellow equestrians who are dedicated to answering your questions and pairing you with horse riding holidays to suite your needs and dreams. Contact us to book your trip.

We’ve hand picked our favorite horse riding holidays around the world, so you can feel good about where you’re going on your equestrian vacation. For the past few years, Equitrekking has been riding horses all over the world and filming horseback riding with local people for the Emmy Award-winning Equitrekking travel TV show. Equitrekking journalists and producers are equestrians and travelers and the destinations listed on Equitrekking Travel are some of our favorites.

Travel Agents add an extra level of quality assistance and expertise. They can help match you with the best riding vacation, as they've taken the trip too!

Fair Price
Prices listed on are the same low prices as those offered by each outfitter or stable located in the U.S. and around the world. We’ve worked hard to feature trips that are not only diverse with high quality local hosts and horses, but also priced reasonably. The difference is that we provide extra services, booking incentives, first-hand knowledge and expertise to help match you and your group with the best vacation to fit your needs and goals. Many vacations are all inclusive, so you know exactly how you'll spend on your travels, leaving you room to budget for those one of a kind gift items you might want to take back home or added savings.

Watch Before you Ride
We’ve filmed many destinations that you see on and include video clips with listings, so that you can get a sense of where you’re going before you get there. We're on the cutting edge of riding vacations, continually globetrotting to find the best equestrian vacations.

Travel Like a Local
Local riding guides in each destination featured on help you to feel more like a local than a tourist, giving you a deeper, richer travel experience. 

Who is Equitrekking Travel? 
For the past few year’s, our crew of equestrians and producers, have traveled the world enjoying horseback riding adventures and filming them for the Emmy award-winning travel television series Equitrekking, which is broadcast on PBS stations and international networks around the world. Along the way, we’ve met wonderful local people at ranches, resorts and stables, who know their area well and enjoy sharing their culture with others by leading travelers on riding tours on their local breed of horses. We know first-hand that horseback riding with the locals is a wonderful way to explore a new area, get off the beaten path to see stunning natural scenery and get up close to local wildlife. includes some of our favorite horse riding vacations, whether you dream of riding through Ireland’s lush green countryside or exploring Costa Rica’s rainforest. We have a special place in our hearts for Ireland, an equestrian's dream playground. We've visited each of these destinations three times! We hope you like them too.

We have a passion for horses and travel and want you have just as much fun as we do on your vacation. We realize that you may only get one vacation a year or even less! That’s why Equitrekking Travel features diverse riding vacations, many of which include local sightseeing, additional days in international cities, contact with local people, and other sports and activities so that your vacation is a complete experience. includes lots of information so that you can read more about each destination, watch video clips, see photographs, get packing tips, reading lists and more.

We want you to have a great vacation, so please contact us so our preferred travel agent can help you find the best vacation to suite your dreams and riding ability.

Why take a horseback riding vacation?
When you explore a place on horseback, you ride with local people in their local riding style on their breed of horses. These locals will show you the best of their area, without the conventional limitations of roads, paths or most importantly, distance. This is a great way to travel, because you’ll learn things that aren't found in the guidebooks. You may also make new friends, meet other travelers who share similar interests and experience adventure on an active, eco-friendly vacation.

Seeing a place on horseback gets you off the beaten path to some beautiful natural areas where a lot of people don't venture because they are remote or lesser visited. This makes the trip very special. When you ride to explore a place, you’re more aware of your surroundings and thus will notice more than you would if you were walking or biking or in a car. This includes stunning scenery, local culture and wildlife.

Vacations listed on include ranches, estancias and local outfitters. This means that you’ll ride their horses in their riding style, which is challenging and fun. You can also feel good about supporting small local businesses around the world. Whether you’re a beginning rider or more experienced, there are great riding vacation destinations for all levels of riders. You’ll be traveling with active, like-minded travelers, so you may meet some new friends.

What if I'm traveling alone?
Many riding vacation trip participants are individuals traveling alone. Taking a horseback riding vacation can be a great way to meet new friends, because you are traveling with others who also share an interest in horses and travel. On many of the trips featured on, people travel with friends, partners or their entire family!

Can I go on a riding vacation if I’m a beginner?
Equitrekking Travel features riding holidays for all levels of riders, beginning and experienced. It’s very important to choose a trip that matches your interests, skill level and physical abilities. Please check out our recommended trips for beginning riders, which includes recommendations for vacations where you can improve your riding skills or work on a specific discipline. If you’ve never ridden, consider taking horseback riding lessons in your home area before you travel. This will help you get your riding muscles in shape and give you more confidence on the trails. Check out Equitrekking Travel's Best Picks.

What if my travel companion does not want to ride?
There are lots of great horse riding vacation destinations that are ideal for groups of riders and non-riders. These include multi-sport vacations, where you can combine horseback riding with other activities like golf, fishing, sightseeing, hiking, whitewater rafting, wine tasting and more. Please check out Equitrekking Travel's Best Picks to find a good match for your vacation goals.

How can I prepare for riding holidays?
Taking riding lessons is a good way to prepare for your equestrian vacation and helps you get in shape to ride. Spending time around horses before you travel will help you feel more comfortable on your trip.

You can learn more about where you’re going by watching horseback riding travel videos on and find ideas for what to pack in the packing list section of each trip.
Are there equestrian vacations for the whole family, even my children?
There are many great riding vacations for families. Many of the riding destinations accommodate young riders, helping introduce them to horses and learn to ride. There are also vacations to fit your family of riders and non-riders. 

Can the ranches, outfitters and horse folks at each vacation spot meet my special dietary requirements? What if I am a vegetarian?
Please let our preferred travel agents know if you have any special requests. With prior notice, we will alert each outfitter, ranch or vacation destination. Also, when you fill out your booking form to reserve your trip, you will be asked to include this information.

Do I need insurance?
Riding horses is dangerous and involves risk. Accidents do happen. Many of the riding vacations listed on take travelers to remote locations. That’s the beauty of riding, but it also means that medical facilities may not be nearby. We highly recommend that you carry health, accident and travel insurance. Insurance can be secured at the time of your booking.

What do I need to know about traveling abroad?
For information about possible dangers or other conditions at the locations where you will be traveling, you should contact the Travel Advisory Section of the United States State Department. More information is available online.

For medical and health information, you should contact the Public Health Service at (301) 443-2403.  For more travel information online, also visit The U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

To view a list of U.S. Embassies, Consulates and Diplomatic Missions visit

Are group discounts available?
Please contact us with your special requests or to request group discounts, which are available at some destinations.

How do I obtain a passport or Visa?
Information on how to obtain a U.S. passport or renew your U.S. passport is listed on the U.S. Department of State’s website

Visas may be required for your destination and are not included in the prices listed on We recommend

Important Links:
U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Section
U.S. Centers for Disease Control
View a list of U.S. Embassies, Consulates and Diplomatic Missions.

Please contact us with any further questions.