About Equitrekking Travel

About Equitrekking Travel

After experiencing great horseback riding vacations with wonderful horses and people and getting a lot of requests from viewers of our Emmy-winning PBS and globally broadcast TV show Equitrekking who want to know where to ride, we decided to launch Equitrekking Travel to feature our favorite equestrian vacations.

Each ranch, estancia, training center and horse owner featured on EquitrekkingTravel.com provides riding vacations that are a good value for your money and include varied horse riding and cultural experiences. We promote trips that are eco-friendly and that help support local communities and small horse businesses, so you can feel good about your travels.

Whether its in Ireland, Spain, Jordan, or Costa Rica, trip guides will help you to feel more like a local than a tourist and that’s what makes taking a riding vacation so much fun. Equitrekking Travel doesn’t just feature horse holidays. We showcase diverse travel experiences that allow you to really get to know each place that you visit.

EquitrekkingTravel.com features video clips, photographs and travel planning advice, so that you can learn more about where you’re going before you get there. We also have extensive photo galleries, tips on packing and trip preparation and other things to consider before your horseback riding adventure, including interesting reading material. Since we've filmed and experienced so many equestrian vacations, we can provide lots of first-hand, helpful information.

Happy Trails and please Contact Us get started in booking your dream riding vacation.

Riding Vacation Options

When researching different options for your riding vacation, begin narrowing you're your choices by thinking about what type of vacation you are seeking. Here are some broad choices.

A training trip is a great way to improve your riding skills or work on a specific discipline, whether its dressage, eventing, cross country, hunt seat, jumper training or Western pleasure.

Progressive rides may include inn to inn rides, camping trips or village to village treks, where you ride to and stay in different inns, campsites and destinations every night. These trips allow you to cover a lot of ground and can be a challenging, exciting way to discover a new destination.

Pack trips venture into the wilderness and can range from a one or two nights to a couple of weeks. Pack trips are a great way to enjoy camping out under the stars and allow you to travel to pristine natural areas. A pack trip can be a progressive ride, but may also take you to a set camp. On a pack trip, you may learn wilderness skills, view wildlife and truly get away from it all.

A ranch is a great family or solo vacation destination, whether you travel to a working ranch, a dude ranch or a luxury ranch resort across the US or around the world.

Many resorts now include horseback riding as an additional activity for as the main attraction. Resorts offer advantages for groups that include riders and riders as they may offer all-inclusive activities in one convenient place.

Combo or Multi-Sport Riding Tour- Whether it's hiking, yoga, cooking, the spa, sightseeing, whitewater rafting, golf, skiing or sunbathing, the combo tour allows riders to combine a variety of interests suitable for a family of riders and non-riders.

Your safari on horseback can make viewing wildlife more feasible, as you can get to destinations that vehicles can't travel.